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Friday, October 10, 2008

(( Holiday Tag Challange ))

Here is the Halloween Tag Challange...
This Challange has a little bit of twist 'cus is not your tipical Halloween Tag Challange.
Anyone can participate in this challange, but you will be working with my new PTU kit
Glamarous Babe. Each participant can enter two Glamorous Halloween Tags, no more than that.
It must have a Halloween look, but yet with some GLAM! I know you all going to make some gorgous kits, and I can't wait to see them all!!!
This tag challange starts Today October, 10 2008. & Ends October 24th 2008. @ 12:00PM ET.
Rules of the Holiday Tag Challange
1. The tag Must be done with My PTU scrap kit which will go up only for a dollar (USD)
2. Only Two entries per participant.
3. It has to have your Nick or Name, Proper Copyright &/or name of original tube artist.
4. Your tag must have the following link on it very lighty, http://pinkkittyscraps.blogspot.com/
5. Your entry tag CAN NOT be more than 600x600.
6. All entries must be sent by the forum, through a PM (Private Message) to .Pink.Kitty.
Note: Any entries mailed to my e-mail will be deleted and not taken in consideration.
7. All entries after the due date will also not be taken in consideration and will be deleted, so make sure you enter your tag before due date.
8. And best of all HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

Ok so, I will make a PTU Kit and you girls make one of those wonderful tags you girls make with it, it has to be with my PTU for that holiday for the following reasons.

The 1st Holiday Tag Challange Winner will win 3 FREE MPT (Holiday of the Month) Tubes, and one of my PTU kits for Free Plus a Thank You Tag.

The 2nd Holiday Tag Winner will win one of my PTU Kits for free and a Thank You Tag.

The 3rd Holiday Tag Winner will win just a Thank You tag for participating.

I wish I can give a little something to all other participants.. I may just make a Small Free kit after every Challange just to make it up to all participants.. Whoo hoo!! That sounds like a good idea,huh?

Please DO NOT be scared, my Holiday Kits will only go up for a $1 USD, just to give everyone a chance of having fun 'cus at the end that's the whole purpose of this.. Yeiii!

So, if you have any further Questions or suggesions you may add, Please DO NOT feel afraid to ask or post them in the Forum.

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